say hi cameron and hi Kawasaki

Hola everyone ! I'm back from my trip. How are you guys doing ? is everything alright ? InshaAllah :) I was travelling in cameron wif kawasaki . . the wind blew so damn hard, but it was freakin' fun and I wanna come back !!

 I can't stop saying ALLAH , ALLAH . . bcoz abah brought kawasaki with crazy and chilling speeds . . sounds cool huh but . it would be the last time for me, Datin J with kawasaki . .

 Hai guys , my name is Datin J ok . . @Jemah _Vavavoom . .

my outfit for today :
pink shawl
tribal's peplum

I had many unforgettable memories while travelling in there , I sat down on a long wood chair and suddenly a bunch of asian people came to me. I am not sure if they were chinese, korean , or japanese. But they were all really nice and kind. they suddenly asked me to take pictures with them. Of course I would really like to. They came beside me one by one, camera was from everyside, and we took lots of pictures. I was asking myself. how cud this happen, do I look like a korean girlband or what. AHAKKK . . This was kinda weird because they didn't know me before, they had just seen me, and I didn't know them. this just happened. They said " you are a pretty lady" , and that was really surprising me. 
ohh malu kau jahhh ~

last but not least my hero my supernova :)

aidil farhan drive a kawasaki !! gilaa kauu jahh


  1. wahh. best nyaa. pegi ngan abah je ke??

  2. jemah merempit. fuyoo~ haha

    1. haha baru kau tahu jemah ni strong lagi

  3. haha.. jemah, aku buat blog baru. acano nak follow kau? button follow x jumpe.


uit sayangku ~ bace je ke . .komen ler ckit . . lai lai