on my way :)

do you ever feel like so many magics work when you love somebody that you never imagine never plan it before?  those just like a way God makes to make you meet him or her. haha am i too make it serious? no, im sure you all ever feel it. yes then i wanna tell you that i feel it right now. wow those are really surprising me, really really makes me like " is it true? it is impossible! am i dreaming? but...." but it's true ! yeah. everything's going so fast, im 18 right now going on 19 this year on dec. .senior high school is almost over, im going to be a college student, im going to.... yeah maybe it is too fast to think but it is important for my life. it is about... as you know, love. when we talk about love it reminds me about " marry " oh myGOD marry ? will i? i cant believe that im growing older so fast, my mom merried when she was 19, if i follow her so it'll be this year . . ><" sound verry crazy for meee wooo, but it'll happen, it surely will happen to everybody, me, you, she, him, and them altough actually we dont know when will it happen. aaaah i miss my childhood i feel like im not too ready for being an adult, i want turn back time and being a little 'jelita' oppsss or lulu who wore a cute pink dress with so many ribbons on my head , eating candies and cake like i dont know too much sugar is dangerous for me, jump like i never think that problems are everywhere, sing like im a little star shining on the sky, crying like everybody will come to me and hold me so close, holding on my abah and mama, i want to see them younger again and with the litlle me then stop the time, i want it surely if i could but i couldn't. everybody couldn't.  all these make my tears fall down. i cant stop the time so, what im gonna do now... do the best i can to everybody to everything, it seems very hard but we can. yeah we can. because life never stop running but life is not running forever.

just be my boyfriend , my boyfriend ohh yeahhh . . lol he's not my boy. haha . 
I hope there are men who have a big motorcycle and came and said " will you marry me ?"
ohh I DO . I do :D kacinggg

Bytheway guys,I'm about to face examinations . Wish me the best luck for 2nd term, Bismillah :) and I wish you an awesome week ahead :) I'm always struggling with my 'mood of shopping' in every second of my life to be honest and it's dangerous and killing. kikiki . then I decided to buy myself some gifts a.k.a new clothes new shoes etc etc etc as mood booster.BUT today ,I had to follow his dream ,my Abah bought a KAWASAKI . :( 


and this is my outfit for today , you can wear a belt if you want and I'm sure you will looks adorable and awesome just like me . ehemmm ehemm :D

maxi dress :ADIRA
tribal cardigans : ADIRA
skarf : H&M
shoes : casablanca

ok and this will be my Abah's kawasaki

tettttt tired >< bye assalamualaikum


uit sayangku ~ bace je ke . .komen ler ckit . . lai lai