my 25 december

this is christmas day as you know, and i dont celebrate it of course . im ordinary muslim :) cheers . buttt i celebrating forrrr . . tarararara
Today is my 18th birthday, i cant't believe that I am not a 17th years old girl anymore right now. in this post, i wanna say Thank you for Those who gratulated me, made wishes for me, hope Allah hear our good prays, amin...:) so happy to read it all :)

 read this one AND take as note
bcoz of what ? i've my own reasons why i hate my birthday so much whereas everyone love their own birthday . . 
first :
My brother died on my 14'th birthday
 I had long desired for younger brother . but God loves him more . and im sure he was happy to see me from the top :) akak love you sayang 
second :
My trusted and loved boyfie leave me caused a one GIRL on my 17'th birthday
sound like ka chittt rite ? should get rid of all the men in the world . . but he deserves a better girl than me :) i know who i am . . haha lalala past is past .
iF i've couple with someone im sure it's just for a moment . . paling lama pun 3 hari lah . I'm afraid to fall in love again , again and again .
i had love this guy in deep in my heart . . forget it
and last :
my teachers had said that if we celebrating ours birthday . it's means we happy celebrating our
"day of death"
haha so better think its first  
  everytime my birthday, unfortunate things always happen ! macam kena sumpah pulak . then this year ?? omg . cant wait for this crepy day passed quickly . what unfortunate yang happen lakk .
 ya ya ya the most important information is " i am eighteen " since 25th december 2012. oh old me -.-

weeeee the top 5 for lucky draw isss

 AFIF from Pulau pinang :)
 " tenz atukk, hey . laupun umo muda . hati aku besar ok ''

WARDAH from Kedah :)
 " tenz sayanggg , even kadang kau mengeramkan aku . FREN TILL JANNAH "

 ZUHRI from Tanjung Malim
" tenzzz dude , aku rindu kau jugak "

 ARDA from Trolak
" dear . i miss you too sayang :'( "

Aisyah from Ipoh
" dunt wori , boleh check ic akk . . hehe "

welcome 18 age  goodbye 17 age...
i won't wish any gifts. i won't wish any surprise. I'm wishing God give all the best for me, for people i love, and people who loves me ...

selamat ulang tahun yar diri ku sendiri :')


  1. Selamat Ulang tahun yaa.
    May Allah bless u dear.
    Live longer k.
    I love you.
    Thanks for coming into my LIFE.

  2. menitik ayaq mata ceq ! hahaha
    mesti ang rindu aku kann ??thats why aku oways buat ang geram gan aku :P
    aku nak bilaa ang jumpa aku ,ang hug aku kuat2 ,puas2 ..rindu uke rindu ! :]


uit sayangku ~ bace je ke . .komen ler ckit . . lai lai