light blue and pink

I know it's too late to write about my birthday, I already said thanks through my twitter (I recieved sooo many mentions and birthday wishes, happy! eventhough I couldn't reply 'em one by one, I'm sorry)  but once again , Thank you so much for remembering my Birthday, and for all the wishes. It really means a lot for me :) Allah blesses you all :)

thank you my friends nora , aleesya , nurli for celebrated my 18th birthday . i love you so much 

u're always there for me Nora and thats why i really miss you and love you

Oh i miss you a lot, i wanna hug you so tight..Aleesya 

and lately i realize that i've no photos with Nurli :(
 but i've some quote or maybe song for you my dear

" Don't sleep away this night my baby... 
Please stay with me at least 'till dawn... 
It hurts to know another hour has gone by... 
And every minute is worthwhile...
Oh, I love you... "
and this is my outfit for today ^00^
 wearing light blue hijab , pink blouse , grey jeans , and choc tiger's sandle . 
am my english rite ? hahaha just lalalalala

good or bad things happen today are gonna be memories, memories that we're gonna miss.. tomorrow. Like i miss yesterday... today. So dont waste your time... The world is still rotating, but it'll never change the direction of rotation...
 xoxo , lots af love by me , LULU IY

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