1 minute big eyes ( basic )

heeeey do de dude :)
its been soooooo longggggg since my last post about tutorial . wow so many things happened you  know, but yeah i had no time for my tutorial because i prepared my assignmentsssss . . but now it was O to the V to the E to the R . . ! yeah alhamdulillah just say bismillah and hope god will gimme the best and please pray for my lucky too , love . .
 holidayy , sounds fantastic ulala , well today ( my last holiday ) wuuuuu :') . . playing hide and seek with my lil sisters . . ohh boringggg =.='' urghhh not as fun as yesterday .aahh so many things i have to share but this morning im gonna shown to you my basic makeup eyes tutorial ><v weeee ~

baca bismillah dulu :')



uit sayangku ~ bace je ke . .komen ler ckit . . lai lai